Company Background

Shenpaz was established in 1987 by Baruch Indig, a dental technician and also the owner of one of the biggest labs in Tel Aviv. Before setting up his lab, Baruch studied dental technology and worked in both Germany and Italy. In 2010 Shenpaz joined the Electrotherm Group, and became the specialist division for dental lab furnaces. Electrotherm’s excellent customer service, combined with Shenpaz’s innovation have made this company a leader in thermal equipment for labs. The company’s motto is excellence without compromise, based on quality, performance, reactivity and support.

There are many factors to consider when designing laboratory furnaces, such as temperature ramp, repeatability, temperature uniformity and aesthetics—just to mention a few. Through years of cooperating with customers on their unique heating requirements, Shenpaz Dental Ltd. has acquired the experience and expertise needed to design and produce top quality ovens with functionality and features that are appreciated by lab technicians around the world.

Shenpaz offers lucrative partnering opportunities to sales professionals in the lab equipment industry throughout the world.

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