Why have I been using Shenpaz furnaces for 40 years?!! – User Review

I have used several generations of Shenpaz furnaces, but did you know that my first Shenpaz still works well !!!.  (a Gemini HT with double lift).

If I have been using Shenpaz furnaces for so long, I know exactly why.  Dental ceramic work can be very stressful if you don't control the results of your bakes.  The reliability and legendary consistency of Shenpaz  furnaces eliminates for me all the classic firing problems.  No more white spots, no more green ceramics, no more heterogeneous bakes.  I know in advance what the result will be and I just have to focus on the shape and color, Shenpaz does the rest.

All the elements that make up the Shenpaz ovens are studied for their proven reliability but among them, I retain two exceptional elements: the doubled baking muffle with its quartz tube and the processor which controls the temperature.

This exceptional muffle radiates very homogeneous and very gentle on the ceramic, whatever the position of the crowns in the furnace.  The quartz tube insulates the high quality resistors and protects them from the acid vapors of the refractory dies (veneers).

The microprocessor manages the cooking with incredible precision, without jerks, whatever the conditions, whatever the season and the number of crowns.  All Shenpaz ovens come with firing programs for all brands of ceramics, but whatever features your personal programs are, it will be easy to set up, duplicate, run and share.

If you are looking for security in your ceramic work, Shenpaz is for you.

If you are looking for profitability and lower costs then Shenpaz is for you.

If you are looking for quality and aesthetics in your ceramic work, Shenpaz is for you.

If you absolutely want to buy an expensive and fragile ceramic furnace, then Shenpaz is NOT for you!  😅

Harry levy
Oral Design member

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