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The purest of pure Sintering

The Sintra Furnace has been designed to meet the needs of dental laboratories which expect and need a highly versatile zirconia furnace.
Shenpaz have developed unique and specific characteristics in this area. The Shenpaz Sintering Furnace can be fully programmed, and can be used with all zirconium oxide materials on the market today. It is the best selling furnace in the US, and has been awarded the Zirlux zirconia fast cycle certification. Sintra Furnaces are also used by Shofu in Japan.

We have been working with zirconia for the past 12 years. We now have four sintering furnaces in the lab. Sintra Plus is definitely the one that has given us the best results, both for sintering single coping and bridges, and for numerous zirconia brands on the market. We have learnt to use this furnace over time, and now master the numerous possibilities it offers. Each of the 250 programms is completely programmable on the version I have chosen. There are also 17 pre-set programms from various material manufacturers, which can also be adapted as needed: Zirkon Zhan, Katana Multi, Metoxit, Spark, Degudent, Cercon, Sirona, LAVA, Zirlux and more.

Jean-Marie and Edouad JOURDAN - Dental Technicians

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